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Company Overview

The company was established in the year 2000 as a single office and showroom with a limited number of staff. With every year, the company grew steadily and is now recognized as one of the most reputed organizations in Qatar. In addition to Head Office, the company expanded with 8 other branches and increased its market share. The company has over 58 employees including 23 veterinarians and 3 as- sistant vets.

Glovet Competitive Advantages

  • Customers: will find a wide range of products, a unique technical support and therapeutic programs with professional service and advices through our veterinarians.
  • Suppliers: will find a dedicated and professional staff, well organized visionary company.
  • Job Seekers: will find a learning, challenging and prosperous working environment with the best compensation pack- ages in the industry’s private market.

Mission & Vision

To become the industry leader for veterinary products in Qatar to provide a complete integrated veterinary products and services in the Gulf market that achieves the mutual benefits of the customers, the company and its employees.

To provide an integrated veterinary products and services for Qatar and nearby regional markets with the highest quality and professionalism

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Branches Locations

Global Veterinary Services & Agriculture has nine (9) locations serving different geographical and demographical sectors. The main office is located near the Racing and Equestrian Club (REC), with a large veterinary pharmacy and show room. An equine-specialty center is located inside the Internal Arena of the Qatar Equestrian Federation (2nd floor), with a specialized pharmacy and laboratory. Another two veterinary centers are located in Al-Shahanyia, Camel Racing Area. With two veterinary pharmacies and one full equipped laboratory.

Glovet services cover the northern areas of Qatar, with a veterinary pharmacy in Al-Zubara area. Animal feeds are sold in all branches, but mainly sold and stored in the Central Market, through our branch there. The section below highlight each of these branches.